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Guess? Spring/Summer Campaign

Yu Tsai has served as a creative director for Guess for many seasons. To date, this is still his personal favorite. Not only was it the first collaboration with this iconic brand, but it was truly a turning point in bringing Guess into the modern world.

Guess as a brand is always sexy and provocative. Yu Tsai's vision was not to to rebrand what was working, but to simply bring in his personal modern interpretation of sensuality with an insertion of youthfulness and innocence.

This campaign not only put Guess in a total different light, it also launched models like Jon K and Elsa Hosk into supermodel stardom.

The success of this campaign gave owner Paul Marciano the confidence to tap into the talents of 88 Phases. 88 Phases rebranded the website and was awarded the Guess by Marciano, Guess Accessories, Guess Swim and Underwear contracts for four consecutive seasons.

To be noted that this was he first time a Guess campaign was ever shot digitally. It was not easy to convince Paul Marciano, who loves the texture of film, to change into the digital photography world. With 88 Phases' retouching team's final post production finishing, he was more than impressed and to this day, all Guess campaigns are now shot digitally.