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Dylan George & ABBOT + MAIN

This has to be one of photographer Yu Tsai's favorite brand to work on. 88 Phases and Yu Tsai has worked closely with this client over the last 2 years in developing the right images for the brand. Kellan Lutz is the creative behind ABBOT + MAIN men's line. Dylan George is the women's line. This is a back to school campaign. It was important for the client that we didn't make the campaign too sexy. Like the previous season. With that in mind, Yu Tsai still insisted to cast one of his favorite sexy model and friend Kate Upton to be paired with Kellan in creating the campaign. The location was Kellan Lutz's stomping ground, Venice Beach, California.

Both Kellan and Kate are super stars so it made creating this campaign effortless. And no, Kate did not pose in a swimsuit, but still fashionably sexy in front of a classic Mustang.