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Zooka is another amazing product created by NICE. Zooka wireless speaker by CarbonAudio. This is our second paring with NICE to create a TV commercial spot and print ads. Zooka was designed to fit on iPads so you can to play it Louder. NICE requested 88 Phases to create campaigns that really captures ZOOKA in a "APPLE" lifestyle. The target market for ZOOKA are the Apple product users. Our goal was to have the ZOOKA product be sold in the Apple stores worldwide. WIth photographer, director Yu Tsai, 88 Phases has many years of experience working with Apple products. We applied our Apple style to the ZOOKA print shoot and commercial, but still maintaing an identity for ZOOKA.

Two months after the campaign launched, Apple signed a contract with ZOOKA to be in the stores. This is a true validation to the work we have created for ZOOKA.