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Back to School 09

88 Phases has been working for Apple since 2005. Our relationship started with Media Arts Lab in creating the launching campaign for the original Shuffle. It is truly the first Apple campaign image that steps away from the many years of the graphic color silhouettes.

Photographer Yu Tsai and Stylist Martina Nilsson gave Apple the first Apple lifestyle branding campaign. The launch of the campaign images were plastered all over the street of new york city as bills. It was a very powerful visual as you walk down Time Square. Soon these images were used around the world.

To date, 88 Phases still works very closely with Apple in creating the Back to School campaign every year. Together, with Yu Tsai and DP Sergio Bautista, Apple continues to produce screen savers that can be seen in every apple store around the world.

People always ask us, " When is the next iPhone coming out?" The answer is always. "Next month!"