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Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beauty Bunny Swimwear is a brand built by women, designed by women, for women. 88 Phases was initially approached to rebrand and reposition the brand in 2009. Our responsibilities covered website redesign, casting and photo shoot for the new campaigns. 88 Phases knew how important the casting was to be to give the brand a whole new look.

We contracted Irina Shayk and Rosie Huntington to be the new faces of Beach Bunny Swimwear. The concept was developed by 88 Phases and shot by photographer Yu Tsai. With the new design of the website, Beach Bunny Swimwear's new launch was extremely successful for the brand.

Beach Bunny Swimwear has become part of the 88 Phases family. We continue to work together from season to season. Traveling around the world to exotic locations shooting with models like Kate Upton, Cameron Russell, Candice Swanepoel and Christy Teigen.